Men's V-Neck Wool Waistcoat

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V-Neck Wool Waistcoat / Wool Sweater Vest with Buttons

Our V-Neck Wool Waistcoat is an excellent layering piece. Its features include; a textured Honeycomb and Cable Aran stitch design, pockets and leather-look buttons. Its sleeveless style also makes it the perfect Summer wardrobe staple. 

The Honeycomb pattern was believed to be a lucky stitch, signifying a plentiful catch for the fishermen of the Aran Islands.

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  • Irish Made from 100% Merino Wool for extra softness. 
  • Features the Honeycomb and Cable Aran Stitch.
  • Practical front pockets for daily essentials.
  • Wool is a natural fibre which hold it shape and offers unequaled insulation. 
  • A signed & stamped Certificate of Authenticity is included